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Grizzly Jig Crappie Fishing-How to Fish Reelfoot Lake Cypress

Grizzly Jig owner, Louie Mansfield and Tim Huffman demonstrate how to crappie fish at Reelfoot Lake, TN.


Crappie fishing in Michigan April 17th and April 22nd. Fish are in the deep water still staged up eating pretty good awaiting the water temp to rise a little…
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  1. in oklahoma limit is 37 or so

  2. Shihong Zhu says:

    12 wow… 13! LOL

  3. Theasc49230 says:

    i think catching and keeping them sounds great! just caught some channel cats about to hit the crappie this weekend.. i plan on keepin and eating those too! yum!

  4. I gotta start fishin for the crappie, not just focus on trout. Nice fish, I subscribed. Sub back please? Im trying to hit 100 subs, appreciate it.

  5. thewoodsman101ify says:

    This is an underfished and overloaded body of water. To assume what to take without knowing the fishery is irresponsible. However I do not blame people for uneducated assumptions. How would you know? Fish on!

  6. You dont catch everyfish others spawn= More fish than you catch

  7. rochelle harris says:

    that would not be a good idea if they were bass but panfish thats not a big deal there’s billions of panfish

  8. TheSteved1986 says:

    Sooo you keep and kill fish that are about to spawn? Don’t let them spawn first? No spawn = no future fish…
    Sounds reasonable.

  9. David Gerhauser says:

    Are you guys are using the 2.5″ Gulp minnows? They kill the slabs up here in Washington State!

  10. CHOMP! 

  11. nice vid of some good crappie fishing. just curious were you guys slowly reeling in your lines or leaving it out there untill it went under?