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Walleye Fingerling

A few nice Crappie Fishing images I found:

Walleye Fingerling
Crappie Fishing
Image by USFWS Mountain Prairie
We just stocked out our remaining walleye this week, closing the book on our 2013 walleye season.

Just how important are walleye to our state? It’s estimated that about 500,000 are harvested in the Missouri River alone each year. They are the most sought after fish in our waters and anglers spend over 1.3 million hours a year fishing for them. That means major dollars going into fishing licences, gear, bait and local businesses!

These young walleye are our fisheries future.

Photo Credit: Spencer Neuharth / USFWS

Catch of the Day
Crappie Fishing
Image by Darin House
13.5" Crappie
Alina prefers the "Auto" setting on the camera. (Blah) (Does that make me a camera snob?)

Crappie Fishing
Image by Matthew Falk
12“ master angler black crappie