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Crappie Fishing Hiwassee River Tennessee

Crappie Fishing Hiwassee River Tennessee

A friend and I got out for some early season crappie fishing at a local bluff.


  1. noodlinninja says:

    27 fow and shootin the jig all the way to the back of the cave.

  2. Dylan-Bobby IceAdventures says:

    Nice video. Lots of information in there! Thanks for sharing! I subscribed. Please subscribe back.

  3. owtdoorguy says:

    What is your estimated depth there? And how far were you guys about to shoot your shad in there?

  4. SnottierSteak says:

    me and my dad fish on the hiwassee for crappie and we discovered the bobby garland baby shad lure last year. best lure on market

  5. scallop94 says:

    nice video