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Fishing Lures That Glow

Strike Brite Fishing lures are an amazing new fishing lure product which produces light under water using ultra violet light energy from the sun. These soft plastic light emitting lures will recharge forever and come in three fish catching colors, Chartreuse, Dark Blue, and Aqua. Try some today and change your success forever. Visit
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Here are some new crank baits that BYOB is coming out with for spring 2009, available now at
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  1. Juliana Klug says:

    THATS MY DAD! oh hi jenna´╗┐ ­čśÇ
    jennas my sister XD

  2. jennaklug says:

    Dat my daddy ^___^

  3. fisherkid153 says:

    Where can I get those?´╗┐

  4. busterbrown17 says:


  5. N0rcalri0t408 says:

    I was wondering maby a sponser?? Send me a message im not pro but im preddy´╗┐ damn good wold like to here from you thanks


  6. say strikebitelures 3 times fast =).´╗┐

  7. goodluck with´╗┐ sales.. looks aiite

  8. MichiganArrowHeads says:

    and youv caught fish on´╗┐ them dude your a master.

  9. the crank baits´╗┐ are 9.50 if anybidy was wandering….

  10. how much ar they´╗┐

  11. recovercast says:

    How about some videos on how you´╗┐ made them?

  12. search eBay for BYOB´╗┐ Fishing